3 pages tagged with Fundraising skills:

  • Coronavirus research finding. What do donors think about giving now? by Mark Phillips Are you communicating with donors during the coronavirus pandemic? Showing innovation? Valuing your donors? If so, this research by Bluefrog Fundraising shows that you could be on the right path in these uncertain times.
  • How to master the soft skills of fundraising by Stephanie Dotto There are many opinions and articles out there on how to approach donors and win them to your cause with hard skills, but in this article, Stephanie Dotto of CharityJob explores the softer skills that are too often overlooked.
  • The science of fundraising: Ask a behavioural scientist, part two by Kiki Koutmeridou From use of language to matching gifts via anthropomorphism of animals and end of fiscal year campaigns, behavioural scientist Dr. Kiki Koutmeridou answers key questions in fundraising from a scientific perspective.