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  • Arrels Fundació: cardboard hearts for the homeless by SOFII Arrels Fundació have come up with an excellent way to wear your heart on your sleeve to raise money and awareness of the growing number of homeless people in Barcelona. It is also easily copied.
  • BBC Television: the 1966 documentary, Cathy Come Home by SOFII Cathy Come Home, the powerful story about a young family’s slide into homelessness and poverty was a defining moment in 1960s television. The controversy it created led to public outrage at the state of housing in Britain and to the launch of several charities, including Shelter. Here you will see the deeply moving final scene, presented by Chris Barraclough at last year’s IWITOT.
  • CEO Sleepout: business leaders sleep rough for Girls and Boys Town by SOFII One night of discomfort is a very small price to pay for helping to raise awareness and vital funds to support homelessness. The CEO Sleepout encourages influential members of the business community to move outside of their comfort zone and spend a night in the shoes of a rough sleeper.
  • Crisis Christmas card challenge by SOFII 'Send a singer’ is one example from a charity for homeless people in the UK – it’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s compatible with the charity’s values. In essence this campaign addresses corporate social responsibility agendas, offers a practical solution to the traditional Christmas card chore and offers participating companies a unique and high impact marketing opportunity.
  • Kent Scouts Big Cardboard Sleep Out for Porchlight 2018 by Rachel van Hoven Making excellent use of digital and online technologies and with a motivated and engaged local community, Porchlight, a homelessness charity in Kent, England, succeeded in holding their biggest event ever.
  • Shelter: Christmas ecard campaign by Alex Furness Working with DontSendMeACard, Shelter allowed donors to send on-brand ecards and tapped into this emerging fundraising method with astonishing results.
  • StreetSmart: helping the homeless as you eat by SOFII StreetSmart raises thousands of pounds for homeless charities throughout the UK every year during the months of November and December. The idea is simple: participating restaurants have a card on each table, or a reference on the menu, explaining that a voluntary one pound donation will be added to each table's bill at the end of the meal. StreetSmart then distributes these donations directly to reputable homeless charities throughout the UK.
  • The Connection at St Martin’s: Donate Locate by Georgia Bridgwood The Connection at St Martin’s ‘Donate Locate’ app is a way to help someone living on the streets when donors feel most compelled to give – the moment they see him, or her. The app will locate the person they want to help and they can make a donation confident that it is going to the right place.
  • William Quarrier – the most determined fundraiser of all time? by Simon Burne Be inspired by the most determined fundraiser of all time. Using an approach not designed for the faint-hearted, William Quarrier went into a room full of wealthy people and walked out with enough money to fund a village for homeless children in Glasgow. But how did he do it? And what can we learn from this fundraising superstar?