13 pages tagged with IWITOT 2018:

  • Abortion Support Network: ‘Why do you support ASN?’ by Damian O’Broin By asking a simple question of their donors and sharing the responses in later communications, a small charity provided inspiration for all fundraisers.
  • Bible Society: The Greatest Journey - Christmas Appeal by Carol Akiwumi By providing free resources Bible Society made it easy for supporters to stage their own nativity plays. This in turn ensured supporters could raise more donations with limited cost to themselves.
  • Chinese take away: reinventing fundraising in the People's Republic of China by Daryl Upsall Daryl Upsall looks at the innovations being made in Chinese fundraising, notably how NGOs, working with corporate businesses and the latest technology are having huge impacts in mass digital communications.
  • Crisis at Christmas by Joe Burnett The Crisis at Christmas campaign was presented at this month’s IWITOT in London. Discover for yourself how asking donors for detailed and informative amounts can give you an amazing 19:1 return on investment. I think we wish we’d thought of it!
  • Hope and Homes for Children: End the Silence by Catherine Harris Hope and Homes developed a superb campaign to bring light to the lives of children in orphanages with their End the Silence campaign, using positive imagery, a novel pair of donation options and the music we all love.
  • How the RNLI made me a donor by Kathryn Holloway Kathryn Holloway of Friends of the Earth shares the story of how she became a donor, inspired from a young age by a unique collection box.
  • Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners by Emily Collins-Ellis A grassroots campaign by queer activists to support embattled striking miners in 1980s UK provides a blueprint for how apparently incompatible organisations can come together to effect real change.
  • Netherlands Red Cross and 3FM: Serious Request by Mark Astarita Discover how a partnership between the Netherlands Red Cross and a leading radio station made waves.
  • Roundabout's Sleep out by Harry Owens Speaking at IWITOT 2018, Harry Owens of the Sepsis Trust shared his experiences of sleeping rough for a night as part of a challenge fundraising event to combat homelessness, and the insight he got into homeless youth support charity Roundabout's crucial work and the very real challenges faced by their beneficiaries.
  • Shine: virtual balloon races by John Grain What do you do if your well-established fundraising strategy is having a negative impact on the environment, even if it’s popular? Shine, a small charity, made the smart and innovative decision to take their balloon races online – with spectacular results.
  • The RNLI’s ‘Jail and Bail’ fundraising event by Leesa Harwood Imagine being able to send your boss to ‘jail’ for a good cause - how much fun that could be (sorry boss!). As Leesa Harwood of the RNLI showed at IWITOT 2018, it’s a great way to have fun and make money for a good cause.
  • War Child - Armistice by Joe Burnett War Child, a UK charity that supports children caught up in conflict zones, had a brilliant idea for their ‘Armistice’ campaign, teaming up with several top gaming companies in a spectacularly innovative way. This could be a future medium for all NGOs.
  • What’s the golden thread that unites us? by Richard Turner There were so many great and inspirational ideas shared at I Wish I'd Thought Of That 2018. Which of these will inspire you to transform your fundraising?