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  • ‘Transcending space’ with Innophoria's social sector clients by Lucy Innophoria In Lucy’s sixth blog for SOFII, she transports us to the future, a future where we can give the donor a virtual experience of our work which shows exactly what their money has achieved.
  • Augmented reality: the latest craze to hit the world of flashmobs by Lucy Innophoria In our third post from the world of innophoria, Lucy tells us about the latest craze to hit the fundraising sector, augmented reality. Take a look to find out exactly what it is, where it’s being used and how it can help to improve your fundraising.
  • Interactive fundraising by Lucy Innophoria In her fifth blog for SOFII, Lucy asks if ‘fun-raising’ could be the key to boosting your fundraising and shares some fantastic interactive campaigns from both the charity and the corporate sectors.
  • Introducing Lucy Innophoria by Lucy Innophoria Read Lucy Innophoria’s first blog post for SOFII to find out who she is, what she does and how her ideas can improve your fundraising.
  • The best developments of 2010. by Lucy Innophoria In her fourth post for SOFII, Lucy reflects on the coolest developments of 2010: apps, interactions and gaming and their impact on the fundraising sector. Could you use them in your next campaign?