4 pages tagged with Mental health:

  • Chapter Mental Health: Conversational trust funding application by David Burgess In this inspiring case study, David Burgess shares how Matt Zeqiri tried out an innovative trust funding approach that was visually impactful and compelling. Some simple, well thought out changes saw his organisation’s application jump straight to the top of the pile and ensured it secured that all-important funding. 
  • How MQ’s brilliant faith in relationships is launching them into sustainability by Rachel Stephenson Sheff The major donors showcase: a great story from UK mental illness charity MQ shows the power of maintaining close relationships with donors. 
  • Meet the world-changers - overcoming adversity: an interview with Michelle Berriman by Joe Burnett This is one of the best interviews we’ve had on SOFII and certainly in the WoW! Project. Michelle Berriman, Executive Director at the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand, has had a fascinating and at times harrowing life. She has kindly and candidly shared her story with SOFII’s Joe Burnett to explain how she used her personal struggles to become a real world-changer at work.
  • Mind Pause Box by Caroline Appleton A beautifully designed self-care subscription box that was tailor-made for its target audience and encourages regular giving for Mind -the Pause Box is a trailblazer.