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  • ALS Canada: ‘Ways to Support’ document by SOFII SOFII has simple tastes. We love fundraising that costs little but raises lots. Anyone can copy these materials, which are so homemade they are reproduced on the office photocopier. Donors will love this, not just because it tells them all they need to know but also because it’s no frills/low cost.
  • Harold Sumption: the shy pioneer by Joanna Culling In this addition to SOFII’s Fundraising Legends series, Joanna Culling talks to Ken Burnett, who proudly shares the full text of Harold’s only published material – Yesterday’s trail-blazing and pointers for tomorrow. 
  • NSPCC’s supporter magazine The Children’s Friend by SOFII With their newly adapted online supporter magazine, the NSPCC are maximising a key supporter retention mechanism and making it relevant to the lives of their supporters.
  • Rhode Island Foundation: why less can be more with the annual report, particularly when it comes to legacies by SOFII To send or not to send? If you ask your donors if they want to receive your annual report, why do you think they don’t reply? It could be inertia, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. Maybe they think they'll be saving you time and money, they’re nice, considerate people after all. By the same token intertia will stop them going to your website to view your report online – and you will never know. If you send a printed copy, you know they have it and might they not be more likely to look at it, if it’s there in their hands? The stories here from Tom Ahern and the Rhode Island Foundatio show the power of the printed word.
  • Sandra Schmirler Foundation’s printed legacy guide: You’re In My Heart Forever’ by SOFII A great legacy campaign from Canada; the Sandra Schmirler Foundation manages to tread that delicate balance between inspiring their supporters with stories about the lives of ordinary families and sharing why legacies are so important. 
  • St Michael’s Foundation: the 2011-2012 annual report, a bold vision realised by SOFII
  • St Michael’s Hospital Foundation: Living in a multi-generational world by SOFII St Michael's Hospital and Foundation's Urban Angel magazine is one of the best charity magazines in Canada, going from strength to strength. We take a look at its most successful yet, the Fall 2016 edition.
  • St Michael’s Hospital Foundation: the 2010/11 annual report to donors by SOFII The St Michael’s Hospital Foundation view their hard-working and very appealing annual report as an opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of the past year and honour their generous donors. It shows them that their donations have been wisely spent and have made a real difference to the patients cared for at St. Michael’s.
  • St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation: Urban Angel magazine by SOFII The fundraisers at St Michael’s Hospital are justly proud of their reinvented newsletter. It demonstrates a unique and creative approach to donor communications, while still fulfilling the essential purpose of fundraising.
  • The perfect annual report by Giles Pegram CBE Veteran fundraiser Giles Pegram CBE argues that most charity annual reports are written about the organisation and don't focus on donors and beneficiaries.
  • The Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (VON Canada) 2014 report to donors by SOFII In 2014, the Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada sent a comprehensive report to their donors, showing them how a new way of working could be implemented by an old, well-established organisation very successfully. By making use of new technology, they were able to explain the transition to donors, respond to their needs and choices and continue their tremendous service to their users.
  • University fundraising: how to reach younger alumni cost effectively by Adrian Salmon Thanks to Adrian Salmon and Leeds University, we’re able to bring you the first (but hopefully not the last) alumni fundraising exhibit. You can read about the strategy, see the adverts themselves and get a full break-down of their commendable results.
  • Youthreach: ‘if I were rain’ publishing for a good cause by SOFII This book poignantly captures how children retain their intelligence and innocence despite the most trying circumstances. This book transforms lives. And raises money too.