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  • Amnesty International Australia: David Hicks press insert 2007 by SOFII
  • Greenpeace USA newsletter: the origami whale by Matthew Sherrington If you want to engage your donors give them something interesting and fun to do. This is an example of transforming the humble newsletter, with new energy and purpose, to deliver a real involving experience to supporters.
  • The Dogs Trust: sponsor a dog scheme, television commercials by SOFII These television commercials are really part of the Dogs Trust sponsor a dog exhibit but they show such good use of DRTV they are worth an additional airing here. Unusually for nonprofit DRTV in the United Kingdom these ads made a profit from their first showing. Quite exceptionally, the early ads achieved a return on investment of five to one.
  • The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne: direct mail acquisition by SOFII The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne, Australia is not just an exemplary practitioner of donor-centred relationship fundraising, they are also highly original and innovative. This pack is a perfect example of how important it is to constantly strive to improve DM fundraising tools.
  • The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne: Friend of PAWs microsite by SOFII Although in recent years the Internet has by any definition come into its own as an indispensable tool for fundraisers, most are still not adept at using the medium to acquire new donors. So the Lost Dogs’ Home’s successful experience of online acquisition should be closely watched by many.
  • UNICEF India: the ‘tele-facing’ campaign by SOFII This novel approach to re-qualifying potential major donors sits between telephone and face-to-face fundraising. It is an example of how telephone fundraising and face-to-face fundraising are evolving and being adapted in India to take account of the country’s large population and distinctive business culture – with quite impressive results.