4 pages tagged with Social enterprise:

  • Grannies’ Pizzas for Vishranthi Old People’s Home by SOFII How can two ladies, in their seventies, collect over 10 million rupees to build an old age home? It would be difficult for anyone to answer that question, particularly when the correct answer is – by selling pizzas. The case is an inspiration for anyone who believes in following their dreams.
  • SolarAid: ‘spread the light’ campaign by SOFII Have we all been so busy looking for ways to recruit donors that we are missing something obvious? This exhibit from a fairly new charity, SolarAid, has used the passion their donors feel for the cause to recruit their friends, neighbours and family to become donors to Solar Aid themselves.
  • The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility, with Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud by Tony Loyd In an interview with Tony Loyd that first appeared on his website and on his podcast, Rachel Hutchisson of Blackbaud explains the notion of corporate social responsibility and why it is so important in the modern working environment.
  • Who Gives a Crap: the ‘sit down’ by Sue Kershaw Who Gives a Crap is a new and innovative organisation and SOFII will be watching to see how this initial, creative and funny campaign develops.