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  • 26 tips for more effective fundraising writing by Jeff Brooks Write like a tabloid journalist. Use emotion, even overdo it. Write a paragraph about your donor. These are just three tips of 26 from the great Jeff Brooks (of the Bad Ads Showcase fame) that will help you become the best writer possible. 
  • Get positive: you know you want to by Frances Hurst In her instructive and practical article, Frances Hurst, shares her lessons in how to create a positive attitude and how to find more reasons to make you happy.
  • Reader knowledge, real voices, great stories and big points of view by Elizabeth Loudon Writer Liz Loudon shares the difference between really writing to move donors, or just typing.
  • The wit and wisdom of George Smith - Instead of Help the Aged, let the aged help by George Smith ‘A good proportion of one fifth of the population is loaded and leisured, financially secure and has quality time on its hands’ said George Smith. How can fundraisers tap into that potential?
  • Twelve suggestions – and a bit more – to help you write effectively by George Smith No one ever felt more keenly about the English language than George Orwell. He was an enemy of cant in any form and particularly waspish about the abuse of English by politicians, bureaucrats and those in power generally. No one has ever rivalled the glittering common sense George Orwell offers us in Politics and the English Language, an essay written as long ago as 1946. I am happy to quote from it extensively because its succinctness has never been bettered.