6 pages tagged with Donor recruitment:

  • Botton Village ‘Frances’ pack by SOFII Botton Village was a pioneer of relationship fundraising. This is fundraising direct mail as it should be – sincere, engaging, heart-warming and very compelling.
  • Bush Heritage Australia: Autumn appeal turned donor care pack by Jasmine Coronado Bush Heritage Australia shows you how you can achieve surprising results by thanking, acknowledging and inspiring your donors, even if you never ask for money.
  • The National Asthma Campaign: Straws mailing by SOFII This revolutionary pack from 1991 features an irresistible involvement device, an easily detachable plastic drinking straw that readers are invited to detach, open and breathe through for less than a minute. It is an imaginative way of involving recipients and enabling them to feel for themselves what it’s like to live with asthma.
  • Thinking of investing in segmentation? Be careful of these common and costly mistakes by Charlie Hulme For all charities, successfully identifying and profiling donors is crucial, but Charlie Hulme has identified five mistakes we too often make in the process. In the first of two articles, Charlie examines these errors and points to a different way of doing things.
  • World Vision: The Story Shop by Joe Burnett Learn how World Vision took their cause into the world of high-end shopping – through an interactive, beautifully-designed store that was informative and made it easy for donors to make their gift. 
  • WWF: Virtual reality tiger experience by SOFII Experiential marketing and virtual reality are a roaring success for WWF UK's Adopt a Tiger face-to-face campaign.