Debates and discussions

Hot topics abound in fundraising and SOFII is dedicated to shedding light on the big issues that face fundraisers and effect their daily work. In this showcase we plan to shine a spotlight on the big controversies of our day. Here we’ll offer access to all sides, arguments and opinions, as long as they’re balanced, constructive and respectful of the sensitivities of others. Often leading practitioners will put their case for or against, to start the debate and you’re then invited to add your ideas and insights too.

If you want to start a debate or discussion here, contact Carolina and she’ll help you get the conversation started. Meanwhile, have a look at the small but growing list of topics that are already here.

Recasting the ‘middle man’ - the role of charities in the age of disintermediation (part two)

by Meredith Niles

In part two of our series on the role of disintermediation in charitable giving, Meredith Niles  discusses why disintermediated giving could be more attractive than traditional charitable giving (in some situations). She also shares some of the ways in which charities might respond to these changes in donor giving patterns.

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Recasting the ‘middle man’ - the role of charities in the age of disintermediation (part one)

by Meredith Niles

In part one of a two-part series on the role of disintermediation in charitable giving, Meredith Niles takes an in-depth look at how the public responded philanthropically to the war in Ukraine. She draws on several research studies to look at donor motivations and help you answer the question, ‘should fundraisers be concerned that people might stop giving via charities altogether?’

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What the gender pay gap is – and what it isn’t

by Beverley Callaghan

In the wake of the furore around pay at the BBC, experienced fundraiser Beverley Callaghan says it's time to clear up the confusion around the gender pay gap, and how this affects the voluntary sector.

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Gender equality in salaries starts with us

by Marc Pitman

Marc A Pitman shares his anger at the way we accept gender disparity when it comes to salaries, and challenges the charities sector to change its ways for the good of all organisations.

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It’s time to de-normalise the gender pay gap, and take action to close it

by Niamh Ferris

Our important series on gender equality in fundraising returns with the thoughts of Niamh Ferris, a fundraiser from Dublin, who outlines just how wide the pay gap between women and men is in both the UK and Ireland and asks the question: will you commit to ending this gap?

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It’s just not fair!

by Joe Burnett

What are you doing to combat gender inequality in your organisation? Join SOFII’s campaign.

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To ask or not to ask, that is the question when saying thank you to a donor

by Lisa Sargent & Sean Triner

Find out what Sean Triner, co-founder and director, Pareto Fundraising in Australia and Lisa Sargent, principal at Sargent Communications, LLC in the USA have to say about this.

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