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  • Latest insights from SOFII’s lightbulb moments by Joe Burnett Here, just added for you: three fundamentals for the new era of responsible fundraising. 
  • SOFII’s letter to the future by Ken Burnett SOFII’s new video series focuses on fundraising as it should be, while recognising what goes so badly wrong when it falls short. Each month throughout 2018 SOFII will release several of these short videos for you to download and watch as the series builds into a template for fundraising change.
  • SOFII’s lightbulb moments - latest videos by Joe Burnett Discover more exciting and simple ideas in next four videos of the new series from SOFII: 32 lightbulb moments that will transform your fundraising.
  • SOFII’s lightbulb moments - what’s new? by Joe Burnett Following on from the introduction to the lightbulb moments and the best case history of all time, we bring you no less than seven new videos that explore the fundamentals of fundraising. Ken Burnett shares lessons from the Commission on the Donor Experience and delivers five really short insights that will transform your fundraising.