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  • ActionAid: the ‘postal parent’ advert by SOFII These two black and white ads look dated now, and the first of these at least seems patronising too. But when these ‘postal parent’ advertisements appeared in the UK in the mid 1970s they were state-of-the art, the epitome of direct response fundraising.
  • Advertising’s earliest genius and how he can help your advertisements to work better, predictably by Claude Hopkins You shouldn’t miss Claude C Hopkins’ new book. Actually Scientific Advertising was first published 91 years ago, so new it really isn’t. But if its content is new to you, says SOFII’s reviewer, this concise classic can still teach you valuable lessons to improve your communication skills and enhance your career too. Hopkins was, by rather a long way, the highest paid advertising person of his generation. Find out why here
  • CDE project 6: The use and misuse of emotion. Section 5.5b: empathy-based design. by SOFII The use of empathy in design is crucial to achieving exceptional results in fundraising, as Adam Willis explores in this contribution to CDE project six.
  • Centennial Parklands Foundation Transplant Appeal by Alex France With consistent artistic content across multiple platforms and a great community approach, the Centennial Parklands Foundation made a real impact on raising awareness of their organisation's needs, with exciting results.
  • NSPCC: 'Can't Look' TV ad that launched the Full Stop campaign by Giles Pegram CBE This shocking 1999 TV ad helped to launch the NSPCC's Full Stop campaign bringing the issue of child abuse into people's home but it's more powerful because of what you don't see.
  • Who Gives a Crap: the ‘sit down’ by Sue Kershaw Who Gives a Crap is a new and innovative organisation and SOFII will be watching to see how this initial, creative and funny campaign develops.