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  • Are you asking for gifts personally, face-to-face? by Simone Joyaux Simone Joyaux has a wealth of experience in how to talk to donors and asks a very pertinent question: are you asking for gifts personally, face-to-face?
  • Board chairs by Simone Joyaux How to make sure that the chair of your board is neither good, bad,or indifferent, but absolutely great!
  • Create a menu of choices for board members by Simone Joyaux More tips from Simone Joyaux on not only how to get your board involved in your fundraising, but to get them to love it.
  • Enabling volunteers to do the right stuff by Simone Joyaux Simone Joyeaux is determined to help nonprofits get their governance right. In her latest article for SOFII she writes about the importance of enabling your volunteers.
  • Enabling your board members and other fundraising volunteers by Simone Joyaux Do you think you already do all you possibly can to help your board members and other volunteers reach their full potential? Or do you think you could maybe do more? Here’s some great advice from Simone Joyaux on how to be an outstanding ‘enabler’.
  • Hey Mr Fundraiser: stop asking your board members to trespass by Simone Joyaux Always outspoken, Simone Joyaux doesn’t let us down this week when she tells a reluctant board member: ‘If you’re not willing to do the work, get off our board. Go away’. But she also gives sound advice on how to get the very best from our boards.
  • Involving your board and board members in fund development, part three by Simone Joyaux Your board members reluctance to take part in your fundraising could be down to plain fear. In Simone Uncensored this week you'll find some useful tips on how to show them that it is a great, fulfilling thing to do – nothing to be scared of at all.
  • What do you talk about at your board meetings? by Simone Joyaux Wait! Don’t answer that yet. Instead, let’s start at the very beginning: what is the purpose of a board?