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  • Bank4Hope: a new ‘bank’ to enhance transparency and accountability by SOFII The founders of Bank4Hope aim to manage and continuously develop this ‘bank’ to support the work of charities in monitoring and fundraising. Their goal is to revolutionise global giving.
  • British Heart Foundation: the ‘calculate the cost of heart disease’ mailing by SOFII This is irresistible. How could any cost-conscious businessman or woman resist playing with this gadget to get an idea of what heart disease is costing his or her bottom line each year?
  • CDE project 23: part 2 - project 7 - 10 by The Commission on the Donor Experience 7. Companies 8. Trusts and foundations 9. Major donors 10. Legacies
  • Centennial Parklands Foundation Transplant Appeal by Alex France With consistent artistic content across multiple platforms and a great community approach, the Centennial Parklands Foundation made a real impact on raising awareness of their organisation's needs, with exciting results.
  • Dream-a-Dream Foundation: ‘dine for a good cause’ campaign by SOFII Dream a Dream is one of a small but growing band of entrepreneurial Indian NGOs that are building a vibrant and progressive nonprofit sector in India. The idea behind this campaign is simple but stunningly effective, creating a win/win situation for both commercial partner and cause.
  • Five steps to creating corporate partnerships by Jonathan Andrews Have you seen the little woolly hats on top of Innocent smoothies and thought that’s brilliant? Or perhaps you’ve bought a packet of Pampers that includes a donation to UNICEF?
  • Malaria No More and CollegeHumor: malarious by SOFII Malaria No More have discovered that laughter is a great entry point to learning – even about something as deadly as malaria.
  • Operation Raleigh: toilet paper mailing by SOFII Truly, the best fundraising is almost invariably the most simple and most direct. This mailing also successfully shows the value of writing ‘from the field’, in a distinctive way.
  • Oxfam and Marks and Spencer’s schwopping partnership by SOFII This partnership between Oxfam UK and Marks and Spencer is fulfilling the needs of people in the UK and developing countries. The planet is a winner too.
  • Slimming World Big Clothes Throw partnership with Cancer Research UK by Marie Burnett This is a case history of a fantastic partnership between Cancer Research UK and Slimming World – the Big Slimming World Clothes Throw. Going since 2013, this campaign allows Slimming World members to celebrate slimming success by donating their ‘before’ clothes to CRUK charity shops. This has generated over £5 million worth of stock for the shops, whilst also highlighting the issues of obesity and related cancers. All with minimal investment on the charity’s part!
  • SOS Children’s Villages Belgium: a corporate partnership aimed at six people by SOFII An ingenious idea from SOS Children’s Villages that went for the ‘one per cent’ with this newspaper ad. It has superb and courageous targeting – just six people – is, challenging, innovative and was very successful.
  • UNICEF: the Change for Good® campaign by SOFII For more than 15 years UNICEF has raised many, many millions for the world’s poorest children from the simple but brilliant idea of collecting travellers’ unwanted foreign coins.
  • United Way for Southeast Michigan (UWSEM): lessons from a $27.1 million corporate gift by Marie Burnett United Way successfully shifted their fundraising model from transactional to relational and from obligation giving to inspired giving. In the process they turned around a five year trend of decreasing contributions from workforce campaigns with the largest donation to a single project.
  • United Way Hungary: ‘why do I help?’ campaign by SOFII This campaign raised additional funds from corporate sponsors, increased the number of donations from employees and raised awareness of giving and volunteering.
  • What do companies want from charity partners? by Jonathan Andrews Corporate fundraising seems to raise passionate debate. Some say that’s all it raises; others that it’s a potential golden goose. If you’re not sure, check out this first in SOFII’s new series on how to raise money from the commercial world.
  • Who Gives a Crap: the ‘sit down’ by Sue Kershaw Who Gives a Crap is a new and innovative organisation and SOFII will be watching to see how this initial, creative and funny campaign develops.