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  • A tribute to George Smith, 4th March 2012 by Ken Burnett SOFII pays tribute to George Smith, fundraising guru and communicator par excellence, who died on Friday 2nd March.
  • George Smith as others see him by SOFII From a former colleague who doesn't want the comments attributed. 'Elsewhere on the SOFII website there is a warm tribute to three former giants of fundraising – Sumption, Kirkley and Stringer. It speaks, among much else, of their ability to unleash the energies of their younger colleagues. What it omits to say is that its writer, George Smith, was the most energetic and imaginative of those colleagues and that he changed fundraising practice forever.
  • George Smith: the art of creative fundraising - introduction and contents by Joe Burnett Joe Burnett introduces a new series on SOFII featuring the wit and wisdom of legendary fundraising guru and master wordsmith, George Smith.
  • UK fundraising’s premier wordsmith: George Smith by Charlotte Grimshaw Profile by Charlotte Grimshaw.Dishing the dirt: what people who know George think about him, here.