SOFII presents: World-Changers at Work

Yes, you can make a difference

Welcome to SOFII’s WoW! project, the world-changers at work. We like to think fundraising is about making a difference in the world, but is that always the case for every fundraiser? How do we empower people working in fundraising to transcend the idea of just ‘doing the job’ and inspire them to flourish, to really make a difference where it will matter most? Is it even desirable, or should fundraising just be about who can raise the most money? Are there lessons we can learn from the corporate sector?

The WoW! project will explore these questions and more, bringing you the voices of experts from both the voluntary sector and beyond but also from individual fundraisers and people starting out in the sector who feel they want to make the world a better place from their workplace. We’ll look at examples of companies and charities who do things differently, and offer our readers a chance to share their own experiences as well. How are you going to change the world?

World-changers at Work presents: a life-stage fairytale - how Beryl and Clive found the meaning of life.

by Ken Burnett

In an excerpt of his Storytelling can change the world book recreated for World-changers at Work, Ken Burnett asks how fundraisers can help people find meaning in their life to make a difference to the world. The answer? Tell great stories.

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World-changers at Work: what can the charity sector learn from the climate change debate?

by Mark Dibden

Can the charities sector learn anything from the debate around climate change? If we want to change the world and better serve our beneficiaries, Mark Dibden of agency Cello Signal certainly thinks so.

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Plastic not-so-fantastic: Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Siegle reviewed

by Joe Burnett

In her fantastic book, journalist Lucy Siegle sets out how we can all make a difference in tackling an increasingly dangerous plastic situation.

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Meet the world-changers: ‘We’re here to do what donors can’t’ - Jiblu Rahman, Islamic Relief

by Joe Burnett

Jiblu Rahman wowed people across the fundraising sector with his star turn in Islamic Relief’s ‘Saving lives isn’t easy’ ad campaign. Joe Burnett sat down with him to discuss the campaign and how he, as a young fundraiser, is becoming a world-changer.

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World-changers at Work presents: SuperTeds

by Joe Burnett

These five inspirational TED Talks lay out frameworks for making the world a better, fairer place through our work environments and interactions with those around us.

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‘We live, breathe, eat and practice donor love every single day’ – John Lepp’s WoW! moment

by John Lepp

In the final entry of SOFII's WoW! competition, we hear from John Lepp, co-founder of Agents of Good about the need to love your donors.

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The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility, with Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud

by Tony Loyd

In an interview with Tony Loyd that first appeared on his website and on his podcast, Rachel Hutchisson of Blackbaud explains the notion of corporate social responsibility and why it is so important in the modern working environment.

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Asking the right questions really can change the world!

by Adrian Salmon

How working with charities and inspiring them to ask the right questions helps Adrian Salmon to change the world.

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Inspired to Change the World? Consider these four careers

by Sarah Daren

Welcome to the WoW! Toolbox. In our first contribution Sarah Daren shines a light on four professions that give people the chance to change the world on a daily basis. If you want to add to this list, please get in touch!

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How are you going to change the world? Leontine Vreeke’s 500 words.

by Leontine Vreeke

Leontine Vreeke of iRaiser explains how she is going to change the world in the first entry by our competition winners.

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