CDE project 18: supporters as champions for your mission

Most traditional fundraising models fail to recognise how connected people are nowadays and how marketing has changed fundamentally over the past ten years. How causes will win and keep customers is changing too, so fundraisers eager to engage with and retain supporters must ensure their prospects and customers will want to engage with them. This project will look at the basic fundraising model differently, to try to define how supporters in future can be used as channels and networks to spread opportunities, grow income and to provide donors and potential donors with a rich array of rewarding experiences.

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CDE project 18 appendix 2: Sticky Marketing & Digital Selling

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

In November 2016, Rory White, founder of Flow Caritas, hosted an event with Grant Leboff, author of ‘Sticky Marketing’ and ‘Digital Selling’. A group of Directors of Fundraising were invited to hear his views on marketing, and how it applies to fundraising. Here is an edited transcript of his key address to the group, reproduced with permission from Grant and Rory. 

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