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  • Chinese take away: reinventing fundraising in the People's Republic of China by Daryl Upsall Daryl Upsall looks at the innovations being made in Chinese fundraising, notably how NGOs, working with corporate businesses and the latest technology are having huge impacts in mass digital communications.
  • Free Lunch: A case study in Chinese transparency and crowd-sourced fundraising by Craig Linton When scandal hit one charity in China all the others in the country were tainted and faced widespread public mistrust. Yet one well-known journalist was brave enough to start a bold campaign to change the lives of malnourished school children. This breakthrough innovation has helped restore trust in charities in China and raised enough funds to feed thousands of hungry children.
  • Is Asian charity different from Western charity? by SOFII Looking for some insight into fundraising in Asia? Mitchell Hinz has some advice.
  • Notes from Ken Burnett following his review of the document ‘Current Situation and Tendency of Internet Fundraising in China’. by Ken Burnett This summary from the report shows that on-line digital fundraising has already made great progress in China recently and is likely to show even more potential for growth in the very near future. But, while there is good cause for optimism, some lessons have been learned and it is clear that Chinese fundraisers can gain even more, if they learn to do Internet fundraising right. 
  • 中国网络筹款的现状和趋势 ——Ken Burnett点评《2014中国网络捐赠第三方平台研究报告》 by Ken Burnett 这一报告的摘要表明,在线筹款最近在中国已经取得了很大的进展,很可能在不久的将来表现出更大的增长潜力。但是,虽然有很好的理由保持乐观,也需要吸取一些教训。很明显,中国的募捐人可以获得更多,如果他们学会正确的互联网融资。
  • 如何靠官网提升筹款?你需要定个策略 by Chen Fu 通常,公益机构建立网站的目的都非常清晰:为访客提供尽可能多的信息和便捷的捐赠渠道。访客多是为了看网站上关于机构的内容而来的,因此如何构建网站就显得格外重要。是时候好好整顿一下你家机构网站的层级架构了!
  • 英国红十字会:永远改变英国筹款的7.7亿英镑募捐 by Sun Huilan “这是目前出现的最成功的筹款活动。”这一断言尽管过于自信,但SOFII感觉实至名归。格洛斯特公爵红十字会(Duke of Gloucester’s Red Cross)和圣约翰呼吁基金(St John Appeal)通过采用“挨家挨户筹款”(House-to-house),“每星期1便士”(penny-a-week)筹款活动给以及和慈善商店的普及等多种独特筹款方法,开创性地筹措到了7.7亿英镑的款项。在筹得这笔巨额捐款的同时,他们也为多种筹款技术铺平了发展的道路,其中许多技术是今天的我们仍在依赖和使用的。