7 pages tagged with Christmas appeal:

  • ActionAid’s Christmas collection: virtual gifts that keep on giving by SOFII The concept of virtual gifts is not new. However ActionAid’s approach is noteworthy because they have elevated the process and are now offering their supporters gifts that keep on giving.
  • Advantage Africa: Christmas gift wrapping offer by SOFII Your volunteers can be powerful donors for your cause. Advantage Africa uses the simple service of offering a Christmas gift-wrapping service in a local shopping centre that raises a substantial amount of money for their work in Kenya and Uganda. This is an idea that could be adapted to raise money all over the world.
  • Fundraising Inspiration Advent Calendar 2015 by SOFII SOFII is grateful to Laura Croudace for giving us this idea of a special Advent calendar that shares some fantastic fundraising ideas with you during December. We’ll add new links to this page each week until Christmas. Happy Holidays!
  • Greater London Fund for the Blind: Christmas card and thank-you card tests by SOFII Some people were so pleased with their thank-you cards that they rang GLFB to say so. SOFII is sure that when the next batch of mailings land on their doormats the one from GLFB will spark off a fond memory and, therefore, picked up first.
  • IWITOT 2020: Action for Children’s ‘Be a Secret Santa’ by Lara Joyce From I Wish I’d Thought of That 2020, Lara Joyce wishes she'd thought of Action for Children's Be a Secret Santa campaign.
  • Sense’s magical Christmas: a special appeal from Teddy by SOFII This great exhibit from Sense proves that direct mail isn’t dying - it isn’t even ill. Instead it is thriving and if used properly will achieve great results for your charity.
  • University College London: the ‘paper head’ Christmas appeal by Aline Reed It’s not really surprising that University College London’s brief to bring philosopher and jurist Jeremy Bentham back to life to raise much needed funds caused Aline Reed, in her words, ‘to frown, ask “you want me to do what” and generally feel rather puzzled for a number of days.’But not for long, after undertaking some research she and Mark Phillips came up with the brilliant idea of a ‘ransom in reverse’. Intrigued? This wonderful exhibit will reveal the great results.