Fundraising Inspiration Advent Calendar 2015

SOFII is grateful to Laura Croudace for giving us this idea of a special Advent calendar that shares some fantastic fundraising ideas with you during December. We’ll add new links to this page each week until Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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December 03, 2015
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It seems as if impact is a big thing at United Way’s Capital Area, something sure to go down well with donors everywhere. A nice bright useful site too.
Captains of industry in the boardrooms of England could readily grasp Operation Raliegh’s urgent need for funds to replace their dwindling supplies when the appeal for help arrived written on sheets of toilet paper.
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Jitka Samková's 1946 design for UNICEF's first ever card, for all the world’s children
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Stephen’s fundraising page inspired people around the globe and generated donations from 83 countries, from Andorra to Zimbabwe.
Even though the main thank-you drive is over – just for now – there is still a thank-you banner on the home page of the website.

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Crisis Christmas card challenge

'Send a singer’ is one example from a charity for homeless people in the UK – it’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s compatible with the charity’s values. In essence this campaign addresses corporate social responsibility agendas, offers a practical solution to the traditional Christmas card chore and offers participating companies a unique and high impact marketing opportunity.

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The Oxfamily box

Sometimes the simple ideas work best. Oxfam's neat device for involving families in the fight against poverty at Christmas time raised a lot of money and also helped families to put their own good fortune into perspective.

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Mencap: Christmas appeal

This is a colourful, well-designed appeal that makes very good use of an attractive and appropriate involvement device to raise more money – and make donors feel good.

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Handicap International: the Christmas tree bag

A Christmas product that aims to get into six million homes to help disabled children.

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ActionAid’s Christmas collection: virtual gifts that keep on giving

The concept of virtual gifts is not new. However ActionAid’s approach is noteworthy because they have elevated the process and are now offering their supporters gifts that keep on giving.

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University College London: the ‘paper head’ Christmas appeal

It’s not surprising that University College London’s brief to bring philosopher and jurist Jeremy Bentham back to life to raise funds caused Aline Reed to, in her words, ‘frown, ask “you want me to do what” and generally feel rather puzzled for a number of days. But after undertaking some research she and Mark Phillips came up with the idea of a ‘ransom in reverse’. Intrigued? This exhibit reveals the fantastic results.

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Operation Christmas Child: the shoebox appeal

This festive exhibit is a wonderful example of how one person’s idea (and a lot of help from volunteers) can really make a difference. Operation Christmas Child has maintained constant success over the past 20 years.

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Advantage Africa: Christmas gift wrapping offer

Your volunteers can be powerful donors for your cause. Advantage Africa uses the simple service of offering a Christmas gift-wrapping service in a local shopping centre that raises a substantial amount of money for their work in Kenya and Uganda. This is an idea that could be adapted to raise money all over the world.

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Greater London Fund for the Blind: Christmas card and thank-you card tests

Some people were so pleased with their thank-you cards that they rang GLFB to say so. SOFII is sure that when the next batch of mailings land on their doormats the one from GLFB will spark off a fond memory and, therefore, picked up first.

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The Salvation Army: UK Christmas appeal

Some donors have rational reasons for giving, some have emotional reasons and some go on a journey. Our strategy was to model this behaviour, to take the insight and analysis to new levels of understanding.

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Wood Green Animal Shelters: hungry mouths SMS Christmas campaign

The fundraising team at Wood Green Animal Shelters decided to be brave and try something new in their Christmas campaign – and it paid off. Their successful SMS campaign resulted in new donors and new gifts.

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Sense’s magical Christmas: a special appeal from Teddy

This great exhibit from Sense proves that direct mail isn’t dying - it isn’t even ill. Instead it is thriving and if used properly will achieve great results for your charity.

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WWF: Year of the Tiger Christmas appeal 2009

This is an excellent example of how one campaign with an urgent and compelling message can be tailored and shaped to fit different types of donor.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital: Christmas mailing, from 1941

What an achievement for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s fundraisers during the Second World War, someone kept their mailing for 70 years.

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