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  • How to reduce F2F attrition in the first 90 days by Charlie Hulme Read about an important webinar to be co-hosted by DonorVoice, the Agitator and SOFII. This session will be chock-full of ‘how-to’ and tactical specifics, along with case data that will have you clamouring to put this in place yesterday.
  • Is the F2F golden goose now a dead duck? by SOFII If you were one of the unlucky few that missed the recent webinar ‘How to reduce F2F donor attrition in the first 90 days’ co-hosted by SOFII, The Agitator and DonorVoice – don’t despair, you can still listen to the full webinar. It’s 90 minutes of your schedule that could help keep the F2F golden goose from being a dead duck!