Is the F2F gold­en goose now a dead duck?

Recent­ly SOFII co-host­ed a webi­nar with The Agi­ta­tor and Donor­Voice on How to reduce F2F donor attri­tion in the first 90 days’. If you were one of the unlucky few that missed it then don’t despair, you can still lis­ten to Ken Bur­nett, mas­ter rela­tion­ship fundrais­er and founder of SOFII, Kevin Schul­man, founder and CEO of Donor­Voice, and Dr. Kiki Koute­meri­dou, Behav­ioral Sci­ence Strate­gist at Donor­Voice. Roger Craver, of the Agi­ta­tor pro­vides colour com­men­tary and pep­pers the pre­sen­ters with ques­tions to make cer­tain you get max­i­mum val­ue from the session.

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May 17, 2016

Make no mistake. The current F2F model is greatly flawed — and in some places horribly broken.

Where once the approach of street fundraisers was eagerly received by the public, today’s solicitors are often tagged ‘chuggers’ and public acceptance is on par with that generally accorded muggers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to re-set, re-boot and re-imagine this once vaunted channel of acquisition.

This is far more than a ‘nuts and bolts’ webinar (although there will be plenty of ‘how to’ detail). In addition we’ll share the changes in mindset required to re-invigorate and restore F2F.

We’ll take you to the mountaintop and remind you what truly is possible. And, we’ll descend into the weeds with specific advice on how to immediately identify who among new signups will cancel their direct debits … 90 days before it happens … and how to re-do fundraiser-training to reduce the churn rate before it even happens.

If you didn't reserve 90 minutes in your schedule last month then we strongly encourage you to do so now.  In addition to the above we’ll present a ‘can’t miss, lightning round of free, use-them-now–at-virtually no cost' techniques based on decision science.

Invest 90 minutes of your schedule and you could learn how to keep the F2F golden goose from being a dead duck!

You can find the PowerPoint slide presentation by clicking on the image below.

And you can find the whole webinar here:

Click on the image for the whole webinar.

*Most of this article originally appeared in The Agitator.

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