6 pages tagged with Donor retention:

  • Abortion Support Network: ‘Why do you support ASN?’ by Damian O’Broin By asking a simple question of their donors and sharing the responses in later communications, a small charity provided inspiration for all fundraisers.
  • Baptist World Aid - Growth Giver by Fiona McPhee A scene-stealer from I Wish I’d Thought of That at IFC 2019, this campaign shows the virtue of great donor-centred communications and a bold vision.
  • Meet Nana Murphy: lessons in donor care from Merchants Quay Ireland by SOFII This inspirational case study celebrates the incredible work of Merchants Quay Ireland’s fantastic fundraising team. They transformed the fortunes of this small charity, multiplied its revenue more than tenfold, and provided essential assistance to people experiencing homelessness.
  • MyOxfam app by Joe Burnett The MyOxfam app allows supporters of Oxfam to manage their donations to the charity quickly and without hassle; it also gives them real transparency about the impact of their donations.
  • Serve or inspire? That is the question by Richard Turner Inspire is often a misused word in the fundraising world but it is not just a way of recruiting and even retaining donors. Inspiration can go much, much further.
  • Thinking of investing in segmentation? Be careful of these common and costly mistakes by Charlie Hulme For all charities, successfully identifying and profiling donors is crucial, but Charlie Hulme has identified five mistakes we too often make in the process. In the first of two articles, Charlie examines these errors and points to a different way of doing things.