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Matt Jerwood, Oxfam
July 19, 2017
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SOFII’s view

In an increasingly pressurised fundraising environment it’s great to see a charity try a modern solution to transparency and choice that will hopefully lead to greater donor retention. Placing themselves at the forefront of new technologies, Oxfam have created the very first app of its kind. The MyOxfam app allows supporters of Oxfam to manage their donations to the charity quickly and without hassle.

Summary / objectives

In a landmark development that could be a turning point moment in fundraising, Oxfam has launched a new app – the MyOxfam app.

The MyOxfam app offers flexibility and control and understanding of the impact of supporters’ gifts.  The app offers supporters a new way to support Oxfam and to control this support. 

*  Acquisition – the app allows users to overcome objections to committed support by offering them control of their donations.

* Retention – the app encourages donor retention by offering people the option to reduce the amount they donate rather than requiring that they stop altogether only. Users can switch the amounts they donate with a simple swipe.

* Retention – the app brings users handpicked stories so they can see the impact of their donations. By being transparent about support, and by sharing the impact of a supporter’s contribution through bitesize and digestible content, the app gives supporters greater visibility of what their support can and does achieve.

* Multiplication of forms of support – the app makes it easy for people who do one thing for Oxfam to dip into something else.

* Emergency income –notification-led appeal income. When an emergency hits, Oxfam can let supporters know as soon as the need becomes a reality. As soon as disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and famines strike, users can stay on top of the news and get help to the people who need it most, fast. 

Creator / originator

Oxfam and agency Hi Mum! Said Dad

Special characteristics

Quite simply, the MyOxfam app is the first of its kind.


The costs are undisclosed, but all within Oxfam’s normal budget planning


The early reactions have been positive. Oxfam have seen that people are using the app and are giving both more and less at a similar rate (reassurringly they are not seeing a disproportionate amount of people giving smaller donations). People are supporting via the app. The levels of content engagement – and sharing – are impressive. 

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My Oxfam app

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