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  • The Foundling Hospital appeal, 1728-1745 by Tobin Aldrich Another opportunity to be inspired by fundraisers of the past. Raffles, art gallery events and benefit concerts are common ways to raise money today. But when Thomas Coram was fundraising for the Foundling Hospital in Georgian London he employed all these methods. In fact, some might say he invented them…
  • The Royal Hospital for Sick Children: Jack Draws Anything by Alexandra Aggidis Six-year-old Jack wanted to raise £100 for The Royal Hospital for Sick Children to say thank you to them for looking after his brother. His brilliant idea – which he thought of entirely by himself – did what all fundraisers want to do. He touched the hearts of everyone who saw it.
  • The Wishing Well Appeal for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital by SOFII It's difficult to do justice to a capital campaign as wide, and complex. This is a condensed summary of a major capital campaign which, at the time, was the largest appeal ever mounted in the UK.