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  • ActionAid: the inserts with built-in reply mechanism by SOFII This promotion raised £millions and won almost every direct marketing award going. It also helped propel a new and little known organisation called ActionAid into the list of Britain's top 20 charities. Action Aid created a new format, which was then copied by dozens, perhaps hundreds of other organisations.
  • Albert Street Methodist Sunday School: the foot of pennies from the 1930s by SOFII A small yet colourful part of England’s fundraising heritage had been discovered in a Methodist chapel about to be demolished. As their finder explains, these fun feet of pennies are engagement devices designed to make collecting for charity easy and so to hook neophytes into the habit of giving.
  • Amnesty International Australia: David Hicks press insert 2007 by SOFII
  • Amnesty International: throw-away insert campaign by SOFII Amnesty International’s fundraising is rarely other than enterprising, inspirational and effective and this insert doesn’t fail to live up to expectations. Here, Amnesty International used people’s contrary instincts about the medium to their benefit by creating an insert with a warning not to open it.
  • At last, some genuinely fresh thinking in press advertising from a charity by Andrew Papworth Discover what’s so special about this ad from Sightsavers that it made Andrew Papworth go ‘Wow!’
  • Book Aid International: the Reverse Book Club by SOFII RBC is just like a normal book club, only its members never receive the books – instead each month four books are sent on each member’s behalf to people in the developing world. Donors love this scheme for its tangible accountability. For a small weekly outlay that most will never miss, they can see what their help is achieving and can readily imagine the impact of their gift, month after month, on small children and struggling students, eager to learn and to work their way out of poverty.