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  • ‘If the direction is the other, the distance does not matter’: an innovative calendar by Vania Pavan In this article, Vania Pavan shares one of her favourite fundraising campaigns and shows how a simple calendar was turned into a huge success for a small charity in Verona. Vania tells you how the campaign evolved and highlights the importance of co-creation in our work. This is a wonderful example of Italian fundraising. 
  • Cesvi ‘thank-you’ campaign by Joe Burnett One of Italy's largest international aid and development NGOs, Cooperazione e Sviluppo  (co-operation and development), or Cesvi, took advantage of their president stepping down to send a simple, effective and personal letter to their 5,000 most loyal donors. 
  • Cesvi: ‘stop AIDS at birth’ campaign by Joe Burnett Cesvi launched the first fully integrated fundraising campaign in Italian history that was inspired by the words of HIV-positive child Nkosi Johnson at the International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2000.
  • Cesvi: Campagna “Fermiamo l’AIDS sul nascere” by Joe Burnett “Fermiamo l’AIDS sul nascere”di CESVI fu un progetto pionieristico: prima campagna integrata realizzata in Italia, che raccolse fondi avvalendosi di canali tradizionali e nuovi (gli allora innovativi SMS) presso una vasta gamma di persone: donatori potenziali, presenti, storici. Il progetto continuo ad evolvere negli anni sia a livello di comunicazione sia sul campo. 
  • How Save the Dogs used a founder’s birthday for fundraising success by Veronica Parise & Vania Pavan Discover the multi-channel campaign that helped an Italian charity raise enough money to build a shelter for stray dogs.
  • SOFII and ASSIF help you discover the best of Italian fundraising by Simona Biancu SOFII is thrilled to announce a new collaboration that will highlight great fundraising in Italy, delivered in tandem with our friends at the Italian Association of Fundraisers (ASSIF). The team at ASSIF will also be translating more of SOFII’s existing content into Italian.