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  • ‘Transcending space’ with Innophoria's social sector clients by Lucy Innophoria In Lucy’s sixth blog for SOFII, she transports us to the future, a future where we can give the donor a virtual experience of our work which shows exactly what their money has achieved.
  • CDE project 11c digital section 2 part 3: putting the principles and actions into practise by The Commission on the Donor Experience Marketing consent - Email marketing - Mobile-oriented design and browser adaptation - Search Engine Optimisation - How donations are accepted
  • Christian Aid: text for nets by SOFII This exhibit is a great example of modern fundraising. While there is a lot of talk about fundraising by text messages, rarely do we find an appeal that makes it so easy, so compelling and so tangible.
  • La campagna di acquisizione di Plan UK by SOFII Che sia per lanciare un nuovo software, un brano musicale o un film, prevedere una fase di test è il segreto per una campagna di successo. Potrebbe funzionare anche per i progetti di adozione a distanza, prodotto prediletto da tante ONG? Scopritelo qui.
  • The Connection at St Martin’s: Donate Locate by Georgia Bridgwood The Connection at St Martin’s ‘Donate Locate’ app is a way to help someone living on the streets when donors feel most compelled to give – the moment they see him, or her. The app will locate the person they want to help and they can make a donation confident that it is going to the right place.
  • UNICEF Canada: 360° immersive experience by Joe Burnett Discover how UNICEF Canada brought donors and beneficiaries closer together, via their excellent use of virtual reality.
  • Why the dumbest things your smartphone does are the smart things to do by Fiona Pattison Those bright folks at Open Fundraising share with you a cornucopia of their secrets and lessons learned at the cutting edge of donor acquisition. Instead of ‘rushing headlong over the bleeding edge of technology’, study here what you should be doing if you want to recruit new donors in number at such highly agreeable costs it’ll force even your finance director to crack a smile.