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  • Book Aid International: the Reverse Book Club by SOFII RBC is just like a normal book club, only its members never receive the books – instead each month four books are sent on each member’s behalf to people in the developing world. Donors love this scheme for its tangible accountability. For a small weekly outlay that most will never miss, they can see what their help is achieving and can readily imagine the impact of their gift, month after month, on small children and struggling students, eager to learn and to work their way out of poverty.
  • Bulgarian Red Cross: ‘one SMS, one hot meal for one Bulgarian child’ campaign by SOFII These campaigns successfully united several established fundraising techniques including building corporate alliances and the use of new and old media.
  • The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne: direct mail acquisition by SOFII The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne, Australia is not just an exemplary practitioner of donor-centred relationship fundraising, they are also highly original and innovative. This pack is a perfect example of how important it is to constantly strive to improve DM fundraising tools.
  • The secret of legacy giving is hidden in the life story of your best donors by Ashley Rowthorn As part of SOFII’s inspiration series, Legacy Voice’s Ashley Rowthorn shares memories of his grandfather. He explains how his story relates to the latest surprising and invigorating research into how donors leave money to charities in their wills.