Bul­gar­i­an Red Cross: one SMS, one hot meal for one Bul­gar­i­an child’ campaign

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August 17, 2009
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Event, online, posters, telephone
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Awareness, planned gift, single gift, corporations
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Children, youth and family
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SOFII’s view

These campaigns successfully united several established fundraising techniques including building corporate alliances and the use of new and old media.

Summary / objectives

n 2004, the Bulgarian Red Cross established the Care Partners Network. Its main goal was to assist the BRC in developing a solid financial support base for its charitable activities over the three years that followed. The partners are big corporations and smaller firms that agreed to participate in specially designed campaigns that would financially benefit the BRC, as well as increase the customer base, profits and public image of Care Partner companies.

The members of the Network represent different industries such as telecommunications, banking, trade, accounting and advertising.

The objectives were to contribute to the positive image of BRC and the partner companies and to secure the finance needed for the humanitarian programmes of BRC implemented all over the country.


Three major joint campaigns were implemented with companies large and small and representing different sectors of the economy. The target groups were customers of M-Tel, Metro and FI Bank. Each campaign was unique.

  1. The joint BRC/M-Tel campaign was to raise funds for the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria through SMS on a short number, 1255, provided by M-Tel to BRC.The motto of the campaign was, ‘one SMS, one hot meal for one Bulgarian child’.
  2. The joint BRC/Metro campaign was implemented for four weeks, three times a year and continued for three years. BRC collecting boxes were put in all seven Metro shops in the country. The message of the campaign was, ‘Your petty cash can do something very good. Feed a child. Today’.
  3. The joint BRC/First Investment Bank campaign was to raise funds for vulnerable children by issuing co-branded Visa and Visa Electron cards for a three-year period. The motto of the campaign was, ‘let’s provide a hot-meal, let’s give a child a smile.’

Special characteristics

These campaigns were all great examples of well-designed corporate partnerships. The fundraising techniques BRC used were innovative and unique within Bulgaria. The concept of Care Partners Network could be adapted by other NGOs as well.

Influence / impact

  • Good media coverage, huge support from the national media (free advertisements).
  • Introduction of new media fundraising techniques to the country (SMS, use of credit cards).
  • Improved image of BRC in Bulgaria.
  • New contacts were built with local municipalities during the campaign.


The campaign budget was €15,800.

Income: €60,592. Plus 50 children from social institutions for children attended a summer camp at one of the Bulgarian seaside resorts - Ravda. Three hundred children from Targovishte and three other municipalities in the same region received a hot meal each school day.


This campaign was a first in Bulgaria and was a considerable success, showing others that such collaborations and events are possible.

Other relevant information

Adapted from CSDF’s 2006 publication Mission Possible.

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Above and below: powerful posters were developed for the campaign.
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The joint promotion with FI Bank co-branded credit cards for a three-year period under the slogan ‘let’s provide a hot meal, let’s give a child a smile’.
Young people in summer camp at Ravda.