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  • British Heart Foundation: the ‘calculate the cost of heart disease’ mailing by SOFII This is irresistible. How could any cost-conscious businessman or woman resist playing with this gadget to get an idea of what heart disease is costing his or her bottom line each year?
  • CARE packages: returning to their roots by SOFII In this exhibit CARE looked back at their own history and decided to launch a new and improved version of their traditional CARE packages that were first introduced in 1946. Updated with a modern twist, this campaign demonstrates the future of online giving
  • Dr Barnardo’s Homes: the home collecting box by Ken Burnett The home collecting box remains many people’s closest link with charitable giving. Some collecting boxes are themselves collector’s items.
  • Durham Cathedral in LEGO: innovative buy-a-brick fundraising by Sue Kershaw An innovative version of traditional buy-a-brick fundraising with a spectacular totaliser and easily replicable as a fundraising mechanic. 
  • Handicap International: the Christmas tree bag by SOFII A Christmas product that aims to get into six million homes to help disabled children.
  • How the RNLI made me a donor by Kathryn Holloway Kathryn Holloway of Friends of the Earth shares the story of how she became a donor, inspired from a young age by a unique collection box.
  • Oxfam Canada: the ‘threads of change’ campaign by SOFII The ’threads of change’ campaign from Oxfam Canada gave their donors the chance to do more than just send money to a cause they love. They were able to send messages of hope to Oxfam projects all over the world.
  • Save the Children: knit one save one by Matthew Sherrington Knit a tiny hat and you could save a newborn baby’s life. This beautiful campaign from Save the Children UK shows what can happen when you make it crystal clear to people the difference they can make.
  • SolarAid: ‘Spread the light’ campaign by Richard Turner Have we all been so busy looking for ways to recruit donors that we are missing something obvious? This exhibit from SolarAid shows how fundraisers used the passion their donors feel for the cause to recruit friends, neighbours and family members of those same donors, bringing them onboard as SolarAid supporters too.
  • Strømme Foundation: ‘poverty buster’ (‘fattigdomsbekjemper’) by SOFII Strømme Foundation is an innovative Norwegian charity working to fight poverty in the developing world. The scheme is an imaginative way of engaging younger donors.
  • The Leprosy Mission: phial of sixpences, from the 1960s by Ken Burnett The product featured here captured the imagination of a 10-year-old boy who went on to work with some of the most successful fundraising organisations around the world. It’s a simple proposition and an easily usable collecting device with a clear, tangible objective and outcome.
  • The Shires of Wood Green by SOFII An interesting take on animal sponsorship, created for an organisation that is fortunate to have a very attractive and substantial animal shelter in an attractive setting deep in the English countryside, where it is able to create a special world for regular donors.
  • Youthreach: ‘if I were rain’ publishing for a good cause by SOFII This book poignantly captures how children retain their intelligence and innocence despite the most trying circumstances. This book transforms lives. And raises money too.