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  • CDE project 23: part 2 - project 7 - 10 by The Commission on the Donor Experience 7. Companies 8. Trusts and foundations 9. Major donors 10. Legacies
  • CDE project 8 section 2: the approach by The Commission on the Donor Experience What should trusts and foundations expect from us, the charities sector that is seeking their support?
  • CDE project 8 section 3: Putting the principles and actions into practise by The Commission on the Donor Experience Deanna Wolf provides the principles and action needed by charities to develop relationships with trusts and foundations.
  • CDE project 8 section 4: appendix 1 - case studies by The Commission on the Donor Experience A selection of case studies that illustrate the content of CDE project 8: trusts and foundations.
  • CDE project 8 section 5: appendix 2 - research sources by The Commission on the Donor Experience All the research sources for CDE project 8: trusts and foundations.
  • CDE project 8 section 6: appendix 3 - methodology by The Commission on the Donor Experience The full methodology for CDE project 8: trusts and foundations.
  • CDE project 8 summary: trusts and foundations by The Commission on the Donor Experience Trusts and foundations are significant donors to charity but while most operate in ways substantially different from individual donors they have distinct needs in terms of requiring an exemplary and rewarding donor experience for trusts and their staff. This project will seek to define the best ways to deliver that experience for any trust or foundation.
  • Chapter Mental Health: Conversational trust funding application by David Burgess In this inspiring case study, David Burgess shares how Matt Zeqiri tried out an innovative trust funding approach that was visually impactful and compelling. Some simple, well thought out changes saw his organisation’s application jump straight to the top of the pile and ensured it secured that all-important funding. 
  • Don’t chase the dollars! by Tom Butero Don’t chase the dollars, says Tom Butero in this new article on raising grants. What? That’s what I’m for, you must be thinking. Tom explains it could be dangerous to jump at an opportunity without thinking about the outcomes, negative and positive, it could have on your organisation.
  • Grant writing in a character limited world by Charlene Rocha Has technology saved you time and trouble when writing an application for a grant? Or do you find online application forms limit how much you can say? Click here to find how you can get all your valuable information across in fewer words.
  • How to fundraise from trusts and foundations when you have high reserves by Mike Zywina What happens if your organisation has ‘too much’ money? While most charities and social enterprises don’t find themselves with high reserves often, this can pose challenges when it happens – especially if you work in trusts and foundations. Mike Zywina shares four tips for what do if your organisation has a lot of funds in reserves or finds itself in an unusual financial position.
  • Passion and pragmatism – your main tools for winning grants by Jo Garner Never forget that charitable foundations and trusts exist purely and simply to give money away. Click here to find out how you can make your application stand out from the crowd.
  • Ten things you should remember when writing to trusts and foundations by Jo Habib As with all fundraising, you really need to think about what you are doing from the foundations’ – the donors’ – perspectives. If you were them, what would you want? How would you want to be approached? What would you want to know?
  • Ten tips to spur the creative grant proposal-writing process by Pamela Grow Pamela says: ‘Your final step should be a gracious letter to the foundation, thanking them for their time and their thorough review of your proposal. You’d be surprised at how few organisations take the time to thank the foundation.’
  • The Art Fund: the battle to save the Staffordshire Hoard by SOFII This emergency appeal captivated the imagination of the public and was so successful that it even closed a few weeks early. This will be a useful read for all fundraisers.
  • What are charitable foundations and trusts? by Jo Habib Charitable foundations and trusts are simply marvellous – they exist only to give away money. Maybe they could give some to you. If you are new to fundraising, Jo Habib will explain what they are when you click here. If you are an old hand, are you contacting givers of gifts, investors, or shoppers?
  • What you need in your backpack. Essential preparation for grant applications by Jo Garner Are you settling down to write that all-important grant application? You’ll need to make sure that your fundraising ‘backpack’ is full of the essentials if you are to succeed, says Jo Garner. You’ll find them here on SOFII.