12 pages tagged with Community:

  • Alexander’s Fund: how fundraising inspired a community to save a life by SOFII Alexander’s Fund inspired a community and raised over £255,000 in less than two weeks to save a young boy’s life.
  • American Cancer Society: Relay For Life by Gary Kernahan An idea that started as one man fundraising by walking and running a track for 24 hours has become a global event raising over $5 billion to help save lives throughout the world.
  • Bible Society: The Greatest Journey - Christmas Appeal by Carol Akiwumi By providing free resources Bible Society made it easy for supporters to stage their own nativity plays. This in turn ensured supporters could raise more donations with limited cost to themselves.
  • CDE project 11d community section 1 by The Commission on the Donor Experience The approach & Value of the Community Fundraising Sector.
  • CDE project 11d community section 2 by The Commission on the Donor Experience Putting the principles and actions into practice - Volunteering - Methodology
  • CDE project 11d summary: community by The Commission on the Donor Experience Community fundraising is sometimes referred to as regional, local or volunteer fundraising, and encompasses a broad spectrum of fundraising work that takes place either on or offline in the community.
  • CDE project 23: part 3 - project 11 by The Commission on the Donor Experience 11. Communication with individual donors 11a. Mass Media 11b. Direct Mail 11c. Digital 11d. Community fundraising 11e. Telephone fundraising 11f. Face to face fundraising
  • How crowdfunding is helping fundraise for community projects by Sarah Daren Sarah Daren explains how crowdfunding sites can be used not just for start-up businesses but to benefit entire communities, as demonstrated in towns and cities across the USA.
  • KiKa (Children’s Cancer Free Foundation): Events fundraising success by Joe Burnett Discover how a Dutch charity managed to lead the way in both event fundraising and donor relations.
  • Missing People: the online annual review by SOFII How to use the Internet to brilliantly present your flagship publication. In this piece you will see reporting to donors as it should be, easily accessible, transparent, exciting, informative, using all the potential for short, high-impact and memorable messages that makes the Internet such a versatile medium for fundraisers.
  • Rotary Club of Alice Springs: Henley on Todd Dry Regatta by Ben Eden-Davies Ben Eden-Davies extols the virtues of a very clever Australian fundraising event that continues to stand the test of time. And when you have seen the ingenuity of the fundraisers in Alice Springs for yourself, you’ll understand why ’the rising tide of a community lifts all boats’.
  • United Way for Southeast Michigan (UWSEM): lessons from a $27.1 million corporate gift by Marie Burnett United Way successfully shifted their fundraising model from transactional to relational and from obligation giving to inspired giving. In the process they turned around a five year trend of decreasing contributions from workforce campaigns with the largest donation to a single project.