Miss­ing Peo­ple: the online annu­al review

Exhibited by
Reuben Turner, The Good Agency
June 12, 2011
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Children, youth and family, community & social services, public/society benefit
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

Wow! This is reporting to donors as it should be, easily accessible, transparent, exciting, informative, using all the potential for short, high-impact and memorable messages that makes the Internet such a versatile medium for fundraisers. At the same time, Missing People have managed to retain the power of traditional storytelling, sometimes written, sometimes video clips, some deeply moving, others simply heart warming. Punchy first 'pages' – '100,000 calls made to our Runaway Helplines' – have clever links to further information, should you wish it – and the stories, of course.

Sadly, most fundraisers have yet to learn how to make the most of the Internet and electronic media. If this sweeping generalisation applies to you, steal a march on your peers by borrowing all you can from Missing People's genuinely innovative lead.

Creator / originator

Donna Holland, Missing People and The Good Agency.

Summary / objectives

Publish an interactive, inspirational version of Missing People's annual review online.


Missing People, along with every other charity, is duty bound to produce an annual report or review detailing its achievements for the year. Keen to reduce the costs (financial and environmental) of print, Missing People wanted to produce an online version that could be distributed far more widely and create a more in-depth picture of the charity's achievements.

Special characteristics

The interactive technology enabled us to create an engaging and exciting review, which included film and audio clips to bring the charity's work to life.

Influence / impact

Missing People now have a more accessible and inexpensive way of publicising and celebrating the great work that they do. It is easy to send a link to the interactive annual review (or to the printable pdf version should recipients want to print out their own copy) to potential donors and supporters without the cost of printing and postage in-house.


Missing People used their regular email communications to supporters and interested parties to publicise the new annual review. They achieved a 39.89 per cent click-through rate (against the industry standard of 2.5 per cent).


It's a new way to tackle a perennial challenge/opportunity – the requirement to produce an annual report or review.

Other relevant information

Our key insight was not to try and reproduce a print document in an online format. Instead, we exploited the potential of the medium to the full to create something inspiring and interactive. Click here to see the full interactive report online.