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  • A case for crowdfunding by Stephanie Thomas Crowdfunding is here to stay and we should welcome it says Blackbaud’s Stephanie Thomas.
  • Art Fund: Crowdfunding to save Prospect Cottage (part one) by Joe Burnett Derek Jarman was a huge figure in modern British cinema and art. Now his unique home, a work of art in itself, is the subject of a truly inspirational and ambitious crowdfunding campaign by the Art Fund. We sat down with three of the drivers behind the campaign to discuss Jarman, Prospect Cottage and crowdfunding. They wowed us, so we hope they'll wow you too!
  • Cork Simon Community: Small-scale pandemic crowdfunding by Emma Doran How did an Irish charity make their very first crowdfunding campaign a success during the pandemic?
  • Crowdfunding: A lesson from World War II by Roger Craver The Spitfire was a single-seat, short-range, high-performance interceptor. But Britain faced an early and major problem with this impressive fighter plane – where to get the money to pay for the thousands that were required. The solution was fundraising. 
  • Enhance your online fundraising abilities in four steps by Sarah Daren In her second article for SOFII Sarah Daren shares her experiences of building successful crowdfunding campaigns and provides four key pieces of advice to make your online giving platform successful.
  • How crowdfunding is helping fundraise for community projects by Sarah Daren Sarah Daren explains how crowdfunding sites can be used not just for start-up businesses but to benefit entire communities, as demonstrated in towns and cities across the USA.
  • Humans of New York: the power of storytelling for social fundraising by Laura Croudace Humans of New York has been a stunning example of community engagement through social media and a demonstration of the power of storytelling since its launch in 2010. And now, it is also a model for crowd funding.
  • Il singolare sit-in di Who Gives a Crap by SOFII Who Gives a Crap è un’iniziativa, originale e audace, lanciata recentemente. E tutti qui in SOFII siamo piuttosto curiosi di vedere se questa campagna, decisamente creativa e singolare, prenderà piede.
  • Minus18: Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal is accidentally crowdfunded by an anti-gay group by SOFII An attempt by an anti-gay group in Australia to ruin an LGBT youth dance by buying all the tickets and preventing youngsters from attending, backfired when they ended up funding the whole event!
  • Recasting the ‘middle man’ - the role of charities in the age of disintermediation (part one) by Meredith Niles In part one of a two-part series on the role of disintermediation in charitable giving, Meredith Niles takes an in-depth look at how the public responded philanthropically to the war in Ukraine. She draws on several research studies to look at donor motivations and help you answer the question, ‘should fundraisers be concerned that people might stop giving via charities altogether?’
  • Recasting the ‘middle man’ - the role of charities in the age of disintermediation (part two) by Meredith Niles In part two of our series on the role of disintermediation in charitable giving, Meredith Niles  discusses why disintermediated giving could be more attractive than traditional charitable giving (in some situations). She also shares some of the ways in which charities might respond to these changes in donor giving patterns.
  • The Statue of Liberty: Pulitzer’s fundraising for the pedestal by ​Aditi Srivastav Without the help of Joseph Pulitzer, who inspired 120,000 ordinary New Yorkers to donate a huge number of small donations, the 150ft tall Statue of Liberty would not be standing today on New York’s harbour. 
  • Unbound: the reinvention of an idea that flourished 200 years ago by Aline Reed This is a strange one. It the reinvention of an idea that was flourishing two hundred years ago, yet has left the notion of 'traditional' charities behind. Maybe even the sponsors don't see themselves as donors, but it's clear that this scheme contains all the ingredients of good fundraising – tangible need, a target, donor reward, donor recognition and the chance to support again.