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  • Greater London Fund for the Blind: Christmas card and thank-you card tests by SOFII Some people were so pleased with their thank-you cards that they rang GLFB to say so. SOFII is sure that when the next batch of mailings land on their doormats the one from GLFB will spark off a fond memory and, therefore, picked up first.
  • Investing in testing by Ken Burnett Has the rigorous testing regime that used to pervade in every seriously ambitious charity been allowed to slip in your organisation? Are your trustees afflicted with the ‘lowest possible acquisition cost’ mentality? You must test properly, says Ken Burnett, otherwise your prospects for innovation are reduced to a matter of random chance.
  • It won't work here! by Matthew Sherrington Matthew Sherrington is depressed and losing patience with fundraisers who won't try a different idea.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Group: envelope test by SOFII In tests, when groups of fundraisers were asked, ‘which of these five envelopes do you think would provoke the best response?’, they almost invariably opted for the letter that looks most like a letter from a friend.
  • Musings of a direct response fundraiser no. 1: revisiting the basics by Jonathon Grapsas In this first article in a new series focusing on what you really need to know about direct marketing for fundraising, seasoned Australian fundraiser Jonathon Grapsas sets out some of the direct-mail basics. They might surprise you…
  • M​usings of a direct response fundraiser no. 2: finding the ‘sweet spot’ by Jonathon Grapsas Our job as fundraisers is to find the sweet spot: an amount that is appropriate to that donor at that time. In his second article on the musings of a direct response fundraiser Jonathon Grapsas shows exactly how to do it.
  • What kind of experience does your donor encounter when making an online gift? by Pamela Grow Pamela Grow shares some easy lessons you can steal and pitfalls you can avoid from the best, and worst, of donor experiences.