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How can you raise money for your organisation if no-one knows about the good work you do or the need for funds? In the SOFII communications toolbox you will find some great tools and advice to help you tell stories to your donors that will motivate them to give.

Lessons from the Annual Lectures: Gemma Walder’s view

by Gemma Walder

It isn’t only those gifted scientists who frequent London’s Royal Institution who can lead an experiment that will change the world. Fundraisers can too. And it starts with us all simply thinking... if not me, then who, if not now, then when? Click here to read Gemma Walder’s detailed account of this year’s Annual Fundraising Lectures held in London, on December 4th. 

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What’s next in fundraising?

by Emily Henry

Recently SOFII and The Agitator joined forces with Revolutionise to identify, foster and develop new journalistic talent in fundraising. We offered five free places for the 2014 Annual Lectures at the Royal Institution in London to aspiring fundraising writers, who each had to submit a short piece on the theme of ‘what’s next in fundraising?’ The standard of writing and range of approaches to tackling the topic were very impressive and made the task of choosing the best five articles very difficult. Here’s one of the winning entries from Emily Henry.

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It won't work here!

by Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington is depressed and losing patience with fundraisers who won't try a different idea.

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Imperial War Museum: Indra Sinha’s Eric Heaton ad, from 1985

by Carolina Herrera

This is a classic press ad from advertising legend Indra Sinha that helped mend a leaky roof. It’ll have you in tears too, as it shows you how to tell a good story.

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Reader knowledge, real voices, great stories and big points of view

by Elizabeth Loudon

Writer Liz Loudon shares the difference between really writing to move donors, or just typing.

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New research shows how charities can create remarkable corporate partnerships

This year Innocent and Age UK are aiming to knit one million hats.

by Jonathan Andrews

Remarkable Partnerships, a new report from Jonathon Andrews shows that when charities and companies partner in a remarkable way they deliver huge impact, have wider reach, create more opportunities and last longer. Read SOFII’s summary here. Then get the full report, free.

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Nonprofits and segmenting for effective communication: a new infographic

by Jay Love & Steven Shattuck

Segmenting your communications to donors is a great way to help you keep them. A recent survey highlights how charities are using segmentation – if at all. How does your organisation match up?

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A letter that parades fine thoughts with fine language

by George Smith

You’ll see a letter here that George Smith thought one of the best he’d ever read. No, he didn’t write it. But he wished he had.

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Infantile musings: on the relationship between children and their grandparents

by George Smith

You’ll see a softer side of ace-curmudgeon George Smith when he announces he is about to become a grandfather. Though that doesn’t stop him from wondering why charities don’t make more of such joyous events. He says you should look at the greeting-cards industry, which rarely feels the cold wind of recession.

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Synecdoche, synecdoche…we all fall down

by George Smith

George again takes up the baton for fine writing. Or does he when he encourages you, the fundraiser, to grab the word ‘synecdoche’.? What in the name of sanity is that?

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Major contributors to this section

George Smith

A legendary marketing/fundraising guru and curmudgeon.

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Fergal Byrne

Fergal Byrne is a seasoned freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Financial Times, The Guardian and The EveningStandard. He’s been writing about finance and business for more than 20 years, but his main area of interest is now non-profits and charities. Contact Fergal here.

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Charlie Hulme

Charlie Hulme is managing director of DonorVoice. He helps charities uncover what, of all the things they do, improves the strength of relationships  and what is harmful. Partners see a massive improvement in performance, value and retention.

Voted top speaker at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention in 2013, he writes frequently for SOFII, 101fundraising, the Institute of Fundraising and many others.

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