Communications toolbox

How can you raise money for your organisation if no-one knows about the good work you do or the need for funds? In the SOFII communications toolbox you will find some great tools and advice to help you tell stories to your donors that will motivate them to give.

What’s in a phone script?

by Joe White

Veteran telephone fundraising specialist, Joe White, critiques three real examples of phone scripts. With as many as 70 per cent of calls ending in failure to secure further commitment, you need to know what you should be doing to increase your chances of success.

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Results from the International Gift Planning Survey

by Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf

Earlier this week Charity Village published a cover story on their initiative with GiveGreen Canada, the legacies survey report. It contains some interesting and even startling conclusions about the state of legacies promotion among nonprofits worldwide. We have re-produced the article on our site for you to read.

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Graphic design style guide with examples

by Julia Reich

Ever wondered which logo you’re supposed to use from the many, ever-so slightly different versions saved on your database? Ever wondered if it really matters? It does; and design consultant Julia Reich is here to tell you why.

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How to be a fundraising hedgehog

by Damian O’Broin

We first published this entry in SOFII’s blog in 2013. We’re not only reproducing it here because we love the title, but also because the answer to the three challenging questions Damian O’Broin poses will be an important tool for the future of fundraising for your charity. And when you’ve found the one thing that can answer all three then you’ve got yourself a hedgehog. So now you just need to read Damian’s article to find out what to do with it...

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SOFII blog: getting along – conflicts among staff

by Kirsten Bullock

Fundraisers are the most important people in a charity. No? SOFII blogger Kirsten Bullock explores this commonly held belief and identifies other areas of conflict between fundraising staff and, well, just about everyone else in the organisation who’s not a fundraiser. She suggests several remedies that could help you build stronger, more effective collaborative relationships.

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Is your logo effective? Tips to evaluate your visual identity

by Julia Reich

As principal of Julia Reich Design, Julia knows all that’s worth knowing about brand strategy, graphic and web design. For the second part of our fundraiser’s toolkit she’s back with tips on how to make sure your logo is representing your charity the best way it can.

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The Effectiveness Project: fundraisers – take notice soon!

by Steven Shattuck

The latest infographic from Bloomerang has some alarming data from the Urban Institute in the USA. Isn’t it time that charities took some notice?

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Do you seriously want to be serious?

by George Smith

In this latest jewel from George Smith’s collection of articles in Up Smith Creek, he is not impressed by the way we conduct our agency pitches and staff interviews. He says, ‘The replacement of human conversation by earnest verbal ceremony can make for mediocre choice’ and might mean we miss the candidate who is ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ and with the vigor to really make our fundraising great.

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Five steps to creating corporate partnerships

Innocent drinks

by Jonathan Andrews

Have you seen the little woolly hats on top of Innocent smoothies and thought that’s brilliant? Or perhaps you’ve bought a packet of Pampers that includes a donation to UNICEF?

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How I wrote it: Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s multimedia, email and video

by Jonathon Grapsas

So far in the ‘how I wrote it’ series, we have focused on the traditional form of campaigning. In other words, packages only using the written word. Here we look at a communication package that uses multimedia, email and video.

Here Jonathon Grapsas talks to Fergal about his work for the charity Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Jonathon is based in Australia where he works for a number of local charities.

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George Smith

A legendary marketing/fundraising guru and curmudgeon.

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Fergal Byrne is a seasoned freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Financial Times, The Guardian and The EveningStandard. He’s been writing about finance and business for more than 20 years, but his main area of interest is now non-profits and charities. Contact Fergal here.

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Charlie Hulme

Charlie Hulme is managing director of DonorVoice. He helps charities uncover what, of all the things they do, improves the strength of relationships  and what is harmful. Partners see a massive improvement in performance, value and retention.

Voted top speaker at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention in 2013, he writes frequently for SOFII, 101fundraising, the Institute of Fundraising and many others.

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