Arts and education fundraising

This is a collection of creative approaches to fundraising in education and the arts. Successful fundraising in the arts and educations sectors is merely a matter of knowing which buttons are which and pushing only the right ones. Easier said than done, of course.

University fundraising: how to reach younger alumni cost effectively

by Adrian Salmon

Thanks to Adrian Salmon and Leeds University, we’re able to bring you the first (but hopefully not the last) alumni fundraising exhibit. You can read about the strategy, see the adverts themselves and get a full break-down of their commendable results.

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Hannah’s innovative direct mail appeal

Letter from Hannah


Is real talent something you are born with, or can create, if you work at it really hard and smart? At best, we feel, it's a bit of both.

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Steel Yard: ‘fund a day’ appeal

a montage of images from the Steel Yard and their Metalhead camp gives just a taste of the potential for their ‘fiery, joyous events’.


Every now and then we see great fundraising ideas that can be easily adapted and adopted by other nonprofit organisations, particularly smaller ones. This example is particularly useful as it shows a small organisation raising money imaginatively to cover its general running costs.

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art: capital campaign


How direct mail and the phone together can secure massive support from lower dollar donors. By following the approach described here, nonprofit organisations that find it difficult to reach very wealthy donors can supplement their capital campaign.

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Major contributors to this section

Aline Reed

Aline Reed is a freelance copywriter and creative. She worked for fourteen years at Bluefrog, a London-based agency that specialises in fundraising, where she progressed from copywriter to creative director. She has written fundraising campaigns for all kinds of organisations – charities, museums, galleries and universities. Her work has successfully run internationally in the Netherlands, US, Australia, Ireland as well as the UK. Away from fundraising, she writes book reviews for the Sunday Express and blogs about books and travelling.

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