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  • Albert Street Methodist Sunday School: the foot of pennies from the 1930s by SOFII A small yet colourful part of England’s fundraising heritage had been discovered in a Methodist chapel about to be demolished. As their finder explains, these fun feet of pennies are engagement devices designed to make collecting for charity easy and so to hook neophytes into the habit of giving.
  • Dr Barnardo’s Homes: the home collecting box by Ken Burnett The home collecting box remains many people’s closest link with charitable giving. Some collecting boxes are themselves collector’s items.
  • How the RNLI made me a donor by Kathryn Holloway Kathryn Holloway of Friends of the Earth shares the story of how she became a donor, inspired from a young age by a unique collection box.
  • RNLI: Britain’s first-ever street collection, 1891 by Carolina Herrera An appalling loss of life in 1886 leads to the invention of a fundraising classic that's still raising millions today. A horrific double tragedy brought about Britain’s first-ever street collection for a charitable cause. It was a significant milestone in the history of voluntary action in the UK and elsewhere.
  • The Collection Tin by Sam Butler Different ways to raise money for charities nowadays are seemingly endless. Yet the humble collection tin continues to stand silently by thousands of tills in shops, pubs, or in the hands of generous volunteers. Click here to see a variety of collection boxes from years passed and be astonished at the amazing amount of money raised.
  • The collection: it’s never too late to do something wonderful. by Ken Burnett A new fundraising experience for less-than-new fundraiser Ken Burnett: rattling a bucket on behalf of Syrian refugees. Read how he met some interesting people, raised some money and learned that truly it’s never too late to do something wonderful.
  • The Leprosy Mission: phial of sixpences, from the 1960s by Ken Burnett The product featured here captured the imagination of a 10-year-old boy who went on to work with some of the most successful fundraising organisations around the world. It’s a simple proposition and an easily usable collecting device with a clear, tangible objective and outcome.
  • The Oxfamily box by SOFII Sometimes the simple ideas work best. Oxfam's neat device for involving families in the fight against poverty at Christmas time raised a lot of money and also helped families to put their own good fortune into perspective.