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  • SOFII’s April must-reads by Pamela Grow It’s amazing how much is going on in fundraising. But when you’re busy it can be hard to find the best blogs and articles. Relax, let SOFII do the work. Just click here and you’ll find all the latest news, opinions and top tips that will really help you in your work.
  • SOFII’s August must-reads by Pamela Grow If you rarely get the chance to speak directly to your donors, you will be interested in at least one of this month’s ‘must-reads’. It’s from a highly successful street fundraiser for a major British charity who recruits between 10 and 15 new donors each and every day. And he loves his job. Find out why, here.
  • SOFII’s February must-reads by Pamela Grow Here you’ll find 2014’s first list of articles that you must read if you are going to keep up with all the top tips, opinion and news in our wonderful world of fundraising.
  • SOFII’s June must-reads by Pamela Grow There are some great things for you in this month’s must-reads, including why we fundraisers must stop the madness of ‘churn and burn’ direct mail, what you can do if you are trying to raise money for what some call an ‘unworthy’ cause. And the Agitator with a simple twist on making your stories compelling for your donors.