SOFII’s April must-reads

Written by
Pamela Grow
& Craig Linton
April 04, 2014

Top tips

Giving in a Digital Age discuss silos and whether they are blocking the growth of your online fundraising.

Clairification on creating a donor communications plan to woo your supporters.

Wild Woman Fundraising shares four steps to making your first donor retention calendar.

Monthly giving can literally be a magic wand. But if your organisation’s gratitude systems aren’t in place to start with, starting a monthly giving programme (or your major gifts programme, or a new campaign) won’t stop you haemorrhaging donors. Learn more in ‘the dark side of monthly giving’.

What happens when you commit to donor-centred fundraising and stewarding your donors? Really commit, not a year ‘trying’ it and then moving on to the next. Lisa Sargent shares.

More on legacy giving, with a fun tutorial from our friends at Agents of Good.


Looking at donor retention from the donor’s from Blackbaud.

How does nonprofit storytelling work in social media? Julie Brown guest blogs on Nancy Schwartz’ Getting Attention.

Do you think of yourself as being in the ‘begging’ profession? For shame! The Veritus Group with You’re in the Yes Profession.

Mark Phillips asks why don't all donors care about impact? The question stems from a recent report on donor attitudes that showed only nine per cent of donors paid extremely close attention to impact.

Simon Scriver at Change Fundraising shares some recent research on chugging as a way into a fundraising career.

Ian MacQuillin with two blogs defending charities. Part one includes an in-depth look at the Panorama investigation last year. Andpart two includes the results from an interesting focus group that looked at the salaries of CEOs.

Tom Ahern at the Bloomerang blog says donors have no idea what you do with their money.

Jeff Brooks’ shares a number of interesting envelopes and teasers from his Uncle Maynard’s treasure trove of direct mail.

‘Why I hate events’ by Tobin Aldrich.

Your nonprofit, retail store or b2b services firm probably doesn’t need as many new prospects as you think you do – you will generate more impact if you reconnect with the people who already know and trust you.

Follow the formula for great donor newsletters.

Probably the biggest misconception about bequests is that only wealthy people leave them. Jerry Panas with: Where do bequests come from? Who Gives Them?


Seth Godin urges you to change the way you and your team see marketing.

The Fundraising Coach (Marc Pitman) shares February's nonprofit blog carnival. The subject? Nonprofit executives: advice, tips, and exhortations.

About the author: Pamela Grow

Pamela Grow is the publisher of The Grow Report, the author of Simple Development Systems, and the founder of Basics & More™ fundraising fundamentals online training. Created to provide time-pressed nonprofit professionals with fundraising training that works with their busy schedules, Basics & More™ has delivered instruction to thousands of nonprofit organizations, raising hundreds of millions in the process. 

Pam has been helping small non-profits raise dramatically more money for over 16 years, and was named one of the 50 Most Influential Fundraisers by Civil Society magazine, and one of the 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants by The Michael Chatman Giving Show. Her blog, was named one of the 25 Must-Read Nonprofit IT Blogs 2016.

About the author: Craig Linton

Craig Linton has over 15 years’ of fundraising experience across a number of disciplines and sectors. He currently works at Amnesty International where he advises colleagues across Europe on their individual giving fundraising and helps them prepare investment proposals. He also spends a day a week on outside consultancy and research projects. His specialisms are relationship fundraising and providing a great donor experience. He is a member of the Institute of Fundraising Convention board, on Rogare’s advisory panel, a contributing editor to and a trustee of Thames Hospice.

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