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  • 20 years of collaborating to grow legacy giving by Rob Cope Two decades on from the launch of the first national legacy promotion consortium, Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, looks back and celebrates the charity sector’s drive to collaborate, share and exchange learning around legacy fundraising. 
  • In-memoriam donation thank-you letter samples by Lisa Sargent These letters are part of Lisa Sargent’s thank-you letter clinic: How to write lively memorial donation thank-you letters.
  • Jewish Foundation of Manitoba: The Book of Life by Kimberley MacKenzie It’s hard to know how to start a conversation about legacies. But the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba nailed it! In the winning presentation from IWITOT: The Americas, Kimberley MacKenzie explains that instead of talking about death, the charity talks about life – through the stories of their donors.
  • Should you enthusiastically promote legacy giving when people are dying? by Claire Axelrad Is it a good time to be asking your donors to leave a legacy? Claire Axelrad explores this difficult question and comes to some thought-provoking conclusions.
  • Why do people give? The legacy podcast with Richard Radcliffe by Mark Phillips In this conversation, expert legacy fundraiser Richard Radcliffe shares why people leave bequests and what changes he has noticed over the years, particularly as baby boomers have begun to seriously consider which charities they want to remember.
  • Why the secret of legacy giving is hidden in the life story of your best donors. by Ashley Rowthorn As part of SOFII's inspiration series, Legacy Voice's Ashley Rowthorn shares memories of his grandfather and how his story relates to the latest surprising and invigorating research into how donors leave money to charities in their wills.