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  • Cinema stunt by Carlsberg by SOFII We don’t want to encourage bad behaviour but this ad is funny and in a simple way shows how we shouldn’t be too ready to jump to conclusions. Is there a lesson for fundraisers here too?
  • I like to MO-ve it funny dance, Movember testicular cancer awareness by SOFII Latest addition to our favourite ads feature is from the Everyman campaign. It’s fun, clever and grabs attention to a serious, sensitive subject.
  • My favourite TV ads by Frances Hurst Frances Hurst, co-founder of Birdsong Charity Consulting, has chosen her top adverts…all from the 1980’s.
  • My top 10 TV ads. by Elly Woolston In this showcase, you will find adverts that have inspired, amused and engaged the public… which is something we should all be doing to our donors on a regular basis. Take a look and see what fundraising lessons you could learn.
  • SOFII’s what to watch by SOFII We know there's such a lot of great videos worth watching in the world of fundraising, so we've put together a summary of the best, just for you (in case you missed them first time round). So pour a cup of coffee, sit back, watch and be inspired.
  • Sufia’s story by Jeff Brooks It’s not often that an ad from a nonprofit pleases Jeff Brooks, but Oxfam GB’s story of Sufia has managed to do just that. You can see this triumph here.