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  • Charity Chat Podcast - How does SOFII inspire fundraisers worldwide? by Samuel Davies Joe Burnett, our contributing editor, talks with Samuel Davies of Charity Chat in this great podcast. They discuss the virtues of SOFII and give an insider’s look at what the site and the charity can offer you. 
  • Do you love fundraising as much as we do? by SOFII Here at SOFII, we love fundraising. And if you love fundraising too, then you would fit in perfectly with our other fundraising-loving friends – the SOFII One Hundred. Read on to meet all the members of the SOFII One Hundred and learn how you can join them in supporting other fundraisers, today.
  • Falling for SOFII again by Tony Charalambides It's always great to receive positive feedback from SOFII users and here Tony Charalambides sings our praises and explains why you should fall for SOFII too.
  • We are the SOFII One Hundred by SOFII