Char­i­ty Chat Pod­cast — How does SOFII inspire fundrais­ers worldwide?

Joe Bur­nett, our con­tribut­ing edi­tor, talks with Samuel Davies of Char­i­ty Chat in this great pod­cast. They dis­cuss the virtues of SOFII and give an insider’s look at what the site and the char­i­ty can offer you.

Written by
Samuel Davies
October 08, 2020


Editor’s note: being ever so modest, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet at SOFII, especially as there are so many other folks to celebrate in the world of fundraising. However, Samuel Davies was so kind and so keen to talk about SOFII that we’re actually very pleased to share this interview. Thank you Samuel! 

In the interview, our contributing editor Joe Burnett shares with you the best SOFII has to offer, discusses our I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) events and gives an insider’s look at why we do what we do. This is a must listen not just for new followers and users of SOFII, but for our long time fundraising friends too. 

To learn more about Charity Chat and listen to more of their excellent podcasts, click here.

Charity Chat podcast E109

What can fundraisers and charity leaders learn from SOFII and IWITOT? What does SOFII and IWITOT stand for? In this episode we speak with Joe Burnett about historic fundraising right back to antiquity, how we can learn from history's best fundraising campaigns, and much more.

Joe Burnett is contributing editor at the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (SOFII) and an all-round fundraising enthusiast.

About the author: Samuel Davies

Samuel has a track record of successful fundraising, management and leadership and has developed expertise in fundraising, marketing and volunteering in the charity sector, since 2006. Samuel has worked primarily in fundraising roles and is currently Head of Fundraising & PR at Lifelites. He has volunteered for Samaritans and Crisis and provides pro bono training and advice to small charities working in and around Milton Keynes.

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