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  • Cesvi: ‘stop AIDS at birth’ campaign by Joe Burnett Cesvi launched the first fully integrated fundraising campaign in Italian history that was inspired by the words of HIV-positive child Nkosi Johnson at the International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2000.
  • Greenpeace UK: Rang-tan and the story of dirty palm oil by Sonia Triki This landmark TV ad captured the hearts and minds of the public. It also helped Greenpeace tap into, and transform, the national conversation around palm oil.
  • HIV/AIDS Alliance: ‘Come Together’ a bold and risqué TV advert by Joe Burnett A bold and adventurous campaign by The HIV/AIDS Alliance called ‘We Come Together’. In the most risqué TV advert ever broadcast on UK television, late at night, of course, they celebrated safe sex and prompted viewers to visit a bespoke website where they could buy a cheeky safe sex kit, the profits from which would go to the global battle against AIDs. Please note this case study contains explicit content. Viewer discretion advised. The video in this exhibit is sexually explicit so please don’t view it if you are likely to be offended. 
  • NSPCC ‘Open Your Eyes’ direct response TV ad by Giles Pegram CBE A powerful and heart-rending direct response TV ad by the NSPCC showcases the organisation's dedication to its mission, donors and beneficiaries.
  • NSPCC: 'Can't Look' TV ad that launched the Full Stop campaign by Giles Pegram CBE This shocking 1999 TV ad helped to launch the NSPCC's Full Stop campaign bringing the issue of child abuse into people's home but it's more powerful because of what you don't see.
  • NSPCC: first successful charity DRTV ad in the UK - ‘Ellie.’ by Giles Pegram CBE We continue to bring readers extraordinary campaigns from the NSPCC, this time the first successful direct response TV ad in the UK. Meet Ellie.