HIV/AIDS Alliance: Come Togeth­er’ a bold and risqué TV advert

Exhibited by
Blue Frog
September 15, 2016
Medium of Communication
TV ad, digital, direct mail
Target Audience
Individual donors/recruitment
Type of Charity
Healthcare, HIV/AIDS
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
14th February 2014

SOFII’s view

This campaign showed real audacity and courage to take a risqué and humorous approach to raising awareness of the ongoing global HIV/AIDS crisis. Although aimed at a specific, late-night audience when aired on TV, the ad nonetheless received over 250,000 views on YouTube, all the while promoting the importance of safe sex

Explicit content. Viewer discretion advised. 

This video is sexually explicit so please don’t view it if you are likely to be offended.

Summary / objectives

In recent years HIV/AIDS has slipped off the agenda; the task was to change this and let a new generation know about the fantastic work of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Creator / originator

Blue Frog

Special characteristics

The campaign was specially created for Valentine’s Day and took the bold step of promoting every couple’s right to enjoy ‘amazing, earth-shattering and safe sex’.

The 60-second TV ad, shown on Channel 4, is arguably the most provocative ever aired on British TV.

Salacious, irreverent and inclusive, the ad drove people to a custom-made website where they were invited to purchase a Come Together Box – containing a range of erotica to help people enjoy mind-blowing sex with their partners on Valentine’s Day.

Backed by an integrated social media and PR campaign, it made a huge splash and is a game changer in terms of charity marketing. As the campaign’s slogan says, ‘doing good never felt like this before’.

Blue Frog created a bespoke website featuring:

  • Responsive design that is optimised for mobile phone use.
  • Facebook integration, allowing automatic filling-in of the registration form and utilising the user’s Facebook avatar.
  • Choice of payment methods.

These great tools and risqué medium were combined with a real desire to raise awareness on behalf of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance of the importance of having safe sex and to encourage donations to help people with HIV/AIDS gain access to medical care and contraception.


Not disclosed.


250,000 views on YouTube (and counting), 37,000 unique website visits (and counting), with an average donation value of £19.50. Lots of talk!


Whilst it didn’t raise as much money as expected, perhaps due to the potentially controversial nature of the ad, which only went out at night, We Come Together generated a lot of interest and discussion, bringing the subject of safe sex back to the fore.

The campaign stood out from others through it’s use of humour and provocation. It’s a refreshing take on a very serious issue. 

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The campaign was for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, which aims to bring people together to end AIDS
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The website is tailored for both easy computer and mobile telephone use
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Users could purchase a Come Together box of goodies designed to help people enjoy mind-blowing safe sex.