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  • Albert Street Methodist Sunday School: the foot of pennies from the 1930s by SOFII A small yet colourful part of England’s fundraising heritage had been discovered in a Methodist chapel about to be demolished. As their finder explains, these fun feet of pennies are engagement devices designed to make collecting for charity easy and so to hook neophytes into the habit of giving.
  • Guide Dogs NSW/ACT*: ‘tea for two’ appeal by SOFII A double award-winner from the Guide Dogs of New South Wales that surpassed previous appeals not only in money but in showing how that the organisation does so much more for blind people, young and old, than training dogs: adorable as they might be.
  • Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation: Wings of Hope appeal by SOFII
  • The Chilean Bible Society: mobile phone texting campaign by SOFII SOFII's first exhibit from Chile. This is a very clever use of text messaging with an intriguing involvement device built in, in the form of a Bible knowledge quiz. Each text generates a small donation and increases the sender's bible knowledge, which must suit the Chilean Bible Society very well.
  • WaterAid: The Big Dig by Reuben Turner A very fine example of how storytelling, done right, can change the world. Isn’t the infographic just great? (SOFII loves the crossed legs). This campaign is fun, innovative, engaging, emotional (imagine how you’d feel with no toilet…) and highly effective as, inevitably, real storytelling in real time was bound to be. Altogether brilliant.